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JuJu [userpic]
want: Wii accessories xposted
by JuJu (_juju_)
at January 20th, 2009 (12:57 pm)

Hi all,

I just bought a Wii, and am looking for some reasonably priced Wii accessories and/or games.

Especially, Wii Fit. I know everyone is out there looking for it already, but it doesn't hurt to ask around.



MrsDtoo [userpic]
knitting patterns, magazines and books for sale
by MrsDtoo (knittingwoman)
at December 6th, 2008 (03:34 pm)

I am trying to find local buyers for these items because postage is so expensive.
I have the following patterns for sale (I do have permission to resell them):
They are $6.50 CAD each and all are by

I have Simple Flattery, Oregon Tote, my constant companion, Packysack, My little companion. They are all in perfect new condition, never used, still in their plastic binder sleeves.

I have the following knitting magazines for sale:
Easy Knit and Crochet Ideas (premiere issue, 2006. $2
Vogue Knitting Men's special collector's issue 2002. $3.50
Vogue Knitting Kids' special issue 2001. $3.50
Interweave Knits: summer 2008, fall 2007, spring 2005, holiday issue 2008 $4 each.
Fiber Arts: jan/feb. 2006, jan/feb 2005 $4 each
Knit 1 (by Vogue): summer 2006 (old smaller size), $3. Summer 2007, spring/summer 2008 $3.50 each.

I am also selling Shadow Knitting by Vivian Hoxbro for $12. It is in new condition except for a slight tear in the top of one of the preface pages, it was likely damaged in shipping as this book has never been used.

Temple of Darwinian Materialism, Pope Aristotle [userpic]
Yamaha PortaSound PSS-140
by Temple of Darwinian Materialism, Pope Aristotle (consortofvenus)
at August 16th, 2008 (03:07 pm)


Note: that isn't my picture; found it on google. The box isn't included.

Reason for sale: Got it when I was a kid and I don't need it.

Asking $10. Cost me something like $80 when it was new. Works just fine; barely used. Although it is scratched up a bit from poor storage. Includes Voice Bank, Rhythm Select, Drum Pad, auto accompaniment.

Jennifer (Moon) [userpic]
Canon EOS ELAN II SLR 35mm - incl. two lenses, extras
by Jennifer (Moon) (jennymoon)
at December 3rd, 2007 (09:46 pm)

Brand new in 2000 -- this is a fantastic 35mm film camera. It's travelled around the world and has hundreds of great photos to its credit. It's still in remarkable condition.

Comes with
-two lenses 28-80 (new in 2000 standard with camera), 75-300 (new in 2003, $350) in great condition, may need light cleaning (both have UV filters)

-camera body, extra lens cap
-original neck straps
-original owners manual
-cleaning paper booklet
-fancy green and beige case; has good lining with movable velcro sections
-special battery
-3 rolls of 400 iso film
-mini flexible tripod

The camera itself has the standard "point and shoot" settings (portrait, scenery, action, etc); but also allows the advanced photographer to do all the manual adjustments for different aperture, settings, etc. It's a very sophisticated camera; I'm sad to let it go.

You get everything included in one package. Pick-up is preferred, but I will deliver within HRM. Will ship anywhere in Canada at your expense.

Serious offers only please.

Here is a very thorough review:

75-300 lens

Best offer - bids over $250

picture of the whole kaboodleCollapse )

Temple of Darwinian Materialism, Pope Aristotle [userpic]
by Temple of Darwinian Materialism, Pope Aristotle (consortofvenus)
at December 3rd, 2007 (08:27 pm)

I have Scott Cunningham's guide to Solitary Wicca and I'd like someone to take it off my hands. Not selling, only trading.

What I'm interested in:
Walking With the Green Man: Father of the Forest, Spirit of Nature by Bob Curran
Either of Anton LaVey's book of essays, The Devil's Notebook and Satan Speaks!
Northern European pagan lit
Afro-Carribean/voodoo related religion (none of that Saint crap). One book I'd love on the subject is Tell My Horse : Voodoo and Life in Haiti and Jamaica by Zora Neale Hurston

Something along those lines. You may make an offer in comment, or in private. My email is proudstartrekfan@yahoo.com

dark princess [userpic]
New clothing, shoes, mattressses at the Salvation Army on Green St
by dark princess (gothic_glamor)
at October 30th, 2007 (07:11 pm)

Hey Everyone,

I just made a trip to the newly renovated Salvation army on Green street and they have a small selection of brand new items in a variety of sizes. They have beige knee high suede boots for females sizes 6-10 brand new for $20 (if you are a student you get an additional discount on tuesdays of 20%), they regularly retail for $60. Apparently a store had closed out and left a huge donation of various stuff to the salvation army, so it may be worth your time to check it out.

Also wednesdays they have 50% off on clothing.

ApriL [userpic]
Books for Haligonians.
by ApriL (missunpopular)
at August 23rd, 2007 (08:15 pm)

So, I'm moving this week and I need to get rid of some stuff. Soon.
Here is a list of books that are up for grabs. I'm thinking, like, a buck or two each or something. Possibly free if I cant get rid of them soon enough. Most of them are in good condition- a couple are well loved. If you want to see a picture of any of them, let me know. I just didnt feel like photographing them all tonight. :)

*Edit* Got rid of a few so far, here is the updated list:

The Updated ListCollapse )

Temple of Darwinian Materialism, Pope Aristotle [userpic]
by Temple of Darwinian Materialism, Pope Aristotle (consortofvenus)
at June 11th, 2007 (03:35 pm)

I'm posting this for my mother.

18 carat gold band. 2 small diamonds to the sides of a larger one in the middle. She's asking $400; it cost way more than that brand new. Not sure about the cut.

Email me at proudstartrekfan at YAHOO dot com for the phone number to get a hold of the seller. We're in Halifax.
Also, my DVDs are still available. This is a good deal, folks!

Alia [userpic]
by Alia (aliatheawesome)
at May 23rd, 2007 (10:40 pm)

Hey team!
   my stupid phone has bit the dust and my pockets are pretty bare plus i don't want to renew any contracty things, just wondering if anyone's got a sim card capable phone kicking around they'd be interested in selling? i can also trade stuff like babysitting or mowing lawn etc.. if that's any more incentive.. drop me an email por favor
(replace _at_ with @ ...but you knew that)

... and i've locked myself in it to think. [userpic]
by ... and i've locked myself in it to think. (vinylbunnie)
at May 20th, 2007 (10:13 pm)

three female chinchillas for sale
all under 2 years old.
$150 for all three.
cage available.

all to go to the same home.
if itnerested please e-mail me

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